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In Latin America, Colombia was the country where the most growth the value of companies listed on stock market in so far this year.

This remains in fourth place in size, after Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Data from the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE, for its acronym in English), indicate that in July, the value of firms listed on the Stock Exchange of Colombia increased 44.7 percent from the same month last year, totaling 178,212 million dollars, equivalentto 339 billion pesos.

In dollar terms, growth is enhanced by the revaluation of the Colombian peso, which is now in 10.22 percent so far this year.

Although all the bags in the region had increases, the reality is that the greater dynamism of the Colombian market has several explanations.he main thing is that in the past year have reached two transmitters for the BVC. These are the Canadian oil and Canacol Pacific Rubiales Energy.

At the same time, the stock market has performed well in recent months (except May). Until Friday, the index of the Bolsa de Colombia completed a recovery exceeding 14 percent in the year, and most took place in July.Many companies have benefited from this situation.

However, Colombia does not stand out in number of companies listed on stock exchanges, it is barely 86, the lowest in the region.

For example, the Buenos Aires stock exchange has 105 listed firms, that of Santiago de Chile is 233, Lima 245, and in Mexico there are 421 signatures.

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