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In Colombia, the organization, as well as other businesses, has a Commissioner in the first positions in terms of profits and assets.

With permission received InterBolsa Group yesterday by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. regulator, was all set to enter into the investment management operations of the firm in that country.

InterBolsa Investment Management, a subsidiary of Miami-based group already has the backing of the authorities to offer a range of products and services targeted to moderate funds and portfolios.

According to the president InterBolsa, Rodrigo Jaramillo Correa, the idea is to advise institutional clients and high net worth in global investment strategies in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America.

With this, the Group will continue the expansion abroad. In the U.S., the firm already had its broker dealer operations, which manages capital of Central American investors and its shares are traded on the NYSE through ADRs.

Among other recent moves is the purchase of Finabank brokerage firm in Brazil, which ranked 17 among 80 brokers in the country and is now called InterBolsa do Brasil. It also has a brokerage house in Panama.

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